Tia Sweets:  My friend saw this site and dared me to do it.  I am not one to pass up a dare so here I am, make me a star Masked Pervert!

Her Preview

Kendall Krush   Hi I'm Kendall Krush and this is my first Adult movie, I have always wanted to be a Starlet.  I also have always wanted to be ravaged by a masked stranger.   It was really hot, I was so turned on by the date we were going to shoot and was extra turned on when I finally got to meet him Yummy!  It was a great experience...and I got to shoot my first video! Yay! 

Her Preview

764721  Kendall Krush


J.C.   Hi my name is J.C.  I'm 19 years old from Florida.  When I saw your site I got so excited I knew I had to be on it!   I love being the center of attention and this site has def made me that.  I tell all my friends about it, now all the guys want to date me, photographers want to shoot with me, and I have my pick of who I will work with and how much I want to get paid!  Plus I got to get back at my cheating boyfriend!

Her Preview

2369584 J.C. Simpson


Victoria Adams  It was a blast, he is dirty Ha! ha! but I liked it!  I would defiantly do it again.  I want to be a feature performer and this has already gotten me more attention than I had hoped for.  Since doing the site I have been flown to L.A., Arizona, Las Vegas, and Florida and I asked for a higher rate than I usually do and got it !  Awesome!

Her Preview

1253631 Victoria Rayne


Ashley Sinclair    I couldn't wait to do Masked Pervert, are you kidding me!  Not only was it lots of fun and a great experience, but I got some great footage for my website!  I would love to work with you again. Check me out at

Her Preview

2381681 Ashley Sinclair


Margo Russo    I wasn't sure at first about doing this site, I usually do glamour and sometimes a little nude modeling but I was looking to expand my portfolio and gain some new experiences, and new opportunities.  I flew in from California and was greeted by a very nice polite man who showed me the utmost respect, and is very funny which is a turn on for me.  I couldn't wait to shoot and my nervousness was gone after 2 min of meeting him.  Anyone thinking about doing the site I would defiantly recommend it. I have been busier than ever since using this site as a reference.  I have even shot with world renowned photographer Suze Randall, and shot with Wicked pictures. Love Margo

Her Preview

1765119 Julia Podmoskova



Hayley Hanes  I am a big fan of Horror Films, and this was a cool way to pretend I was in one.  The guy behind the Mask is not a killer of course, but it was thrilling and a really exciting experience. 

Her Preview

1455879  Hayley Hanes

Jinxy I can't think of a better job, I mean getting paid to have sex...Why doesn't everyone do it I guess they are just to scared.  But I mean everyone does have sex so what is there to be scared of?  I liked it so much I have my own website now and quit my job!  Check me out at.

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