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If you are a new or experienced Model looking to make a splash, or just want to test the waters or make some quick cash, than this is the perfect site for you!


New Studio with Green screen, black and white screens as well. Endless possibilities and upgraded shoots!

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Modeling and Fetish and Adult work is one of the only Jobs where women are the True Stars!  They are the focus, the attention and get paid very well!  Some new girls can make 30k-40k per month! No not a year but a month according to Alexis Love a new star who has been on numerous talk shows and interviews.

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Where Do You Start, So you want to model and actually make some money!  That is possible if you know where to begin.  If you don't have the money or not quite ready to fly to California. Are you not sure who to talk to, where to go, who to trust.  I understand I was in your position myself.  We keep all contacts and conversations fully confidential our word is our reputation, and bad reputations don't get you very far in this business so we pride ourselves on being as honest, and upfront with everyone.  Some Producers/Directors may want you to audition for them, or work for free when you start out (That's Crazy).  That is not the case here we give our new talent the opportunity to actually use this platform as an audition while making money and getting you much needed exposure when you are just starting out.  We are here to help you in any way we can, not to use you and send you packing.  This is competitive business, but the work is plentiful and if you make it big the sky is the limit plus it helps us as well, so we are here to help you ;)  Please Contact us for more information.  It will be kept fully confidential.  Work4MP@gmail.com

Experienced Models,  Models looking to get some instant fans than www.MaskedPervert.com is the perfect place to start.  We can add you as a feature performer this gives you star status, as well as a preview, and links to your website if you have one! 

 Featured girls who appear on MaskedPervert.com see immediate results! Traffic and membership to there personal website jumps dramatically.  Your ranking goes up on Freeones.com,  your popularity, demand and pay for future modeling jobs increases.  Because of our dedicated fan base, you will also have dedicated fans searching for you.  The more fans you have the more money you can make, it only makes sense!


Curious about doing the site but not 100% sure.  Hey no problem, it's all good.  If you want to try it out and see how you like it than we can hide you further in the site where only paying members will have access.  Think about it if a girl standing on line in the grocery store was on this site would you notice...probably not.  This is a great way to test the waters, and make some big, fast cash! 

Questions or just want to talk about it, please email us at  Work4MP@gmail.com   All information is 100% confidential.


Not only are we known for working some of the hottest new Talent, but we have the resources to get you were you want to go. On Clips4Sale we have been #1 in Balloons,  #4 in xxxHardcore Top 10 in Super hero fetish and our website is growing in leaps and bounds.  Girls contact us with questions and we are more than happy to answer them the best we can.  We will also be launching our very own Model and Talent promotional website later this year.  This exciting new website will get models the much wanted attention they deserve.  It will be called GirlModelGang.com  where Companies, Agents, Producers, and Talent from around the country and the world will be able to offer you jobs, gigs, and work from your availability!  We will also have an advice and list of people who have good as well as bad rating from other girls who have worked with them.  No more showing up and not knowing what to expect!

Here is a screenshot from Clips4sale with our ranking at 15 with a color photo of our clip advertised at the top of there page.  (We have since reached # 1)

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