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March 2013

My Princess is making me start a blog to keep fans updated on my daily life of joy and misery.  I say joy and misery because my Princesses put me through hell....but they also allow me to fuck them, well some of them do.  I pretty much work a part time job in the day and the rest of my time is dedicated to doing what they want me to do.  Well just look at my day to day life and you will see for yourself.

This is my first entry.  Today I woke up early as always and made Princess Kendall her morning coffee 2 sugars 2 milk stirred 20 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise. She is very particular about this and caught me only stirring her coffee clockwise one morning cause I answered the phone in the middle of stirring and she made me spin in a circle 20 times clockwise and than 10 times counterclockwise and than drink her cup of coffee.  Well I was dizzy as hell and spilled the hot coffee on my shirt and the floor.  It was not fun, if you ever want to try it be my guest but it sucks trust me.  I won't forget to stir it properly again. After cleaning up but first making her a cup of coffee the correct way she gave me my list of chores for the day which included vacuuming, dishes, laundry, making Princess Kendall's bed, and cleaning and organizing her shoes, she makes me dress in a skirt and woman's blouse while I do chores it's very humiliating especially when her friends are over, they make fun of me pinch my ass, slap me spill things on the floor and make me clean it up. while she goes shopping.  My other daily duties include working on the website and editing so my worthless ass can be good for something besides taking up space as my princess reminds me daily.

Today I am to start editing past shoots and picking out some pics that spark my memory and write about them before posting the full galleries to the members section.

March 2013

Princess Victoria Adams

March 1st  I am revisiting the first shoot I did ever.  I have been divorced for 3 years and have not been with a woman for 4 years.  Princess Kendall told me to "Be prepared to fuck a hot young blond this weekend."  It was her friend from school that I had meet one time before and I was really excited about it.  She is a beautiful blond with D tits and a bad ass bad with tattoos which don't bother me, especially since I have not ever been with a girl as sexy as Victoria.  It seems Victoria just got some new tits and wanted to show them off and we were going to film a scene.  Victoria showed up and she looked so so HOT!  She wore these skin tight latex pants that hugged her round ass and sexy legs.  She not only is pretty but has perfect curves and it didn't really hit me that I was going to be having sex with this gorgeous blond babe who was more than half my age!  The whole time I thought they were just messing with me and pulling a cruel joke until we actually started filming.  I was not exactly sure what to do with this girl I mean I was a little intimidated, girls this hot don't usually even talk to me never mind anything else but Princess Kendall said "Do whatever the fuck you want to that Bitch!"  I had my mask on so you couldn't see my face was beet red...but than something happened.  I became someone else, I was a depraved, horny, perverted old man who was in control of a 21 year old babe!  So I reached out and grabbed her crotch and gave it a squeeze.  She didn't reject me or tell me to stop!   I turned her around and bent her over the table and did exactly what I wanted I was squeezing this hot babes pussy through her pants, and it felt soft and warm in my hand.  I have always loved asses and Victoria's was killer, not only did I squeeze it I took out my rock hard cock and started rubbing it up and down on her tight young ass cheeks.  She called me a pervert...but she didn't stop me!  I wanted to see her ass so I pulled her pants down around her thighs and looked up I was face to face with her ass and it looked incredible, her skin was so smooth I had to feel it on my cock, so I slid my dick under her panties and rubbed it on her cute butt, she called me a pervert, and I felt like one but I really didn't care! I wanted to taste her ass so I slowly pulled down her panties and bent her over on all fours on a bench and licked her pussy like a kid licking an ice cream cone from snatch up to asshole! OK I just came I will be back tomorrow.

Weekend off     

March 4th   I almost forgot good Victoria's pussy tasted! It was so clean and had a slight hint of flowers, I could have eater her all day long.  But by now my cock was absolutely screaming hard and I had not eased it into a pussy in years and never into a girl who looked like this.  I should have been nervous, but for some reason wearing the mask gave me a feeling of confidence and control, and the thought kept racing through my head "Do whatever the fuck you want to that Bitch!" So I nuzzled the head of my cock up to her slit just below her ass and slowly pushed my meat into her precious pussy!  Inch by inch it is hard to describe the combination of excitement, arousal, and good feelings that overcame me! My entire length was all the way inside this beautiful young girl and it was a dream come true, I don't know how else to describe it.  Every stroke was better than the last and I thought I was going to cum in the first minute!  I was able to overcome the sensation and I really started to give it to her good and hard!  I surprised everyone watching including myself.  Being on camera and wearing the mask gave me a weird confidence that I never had with women before and I got bold pulling he hair and trying to put on a good show because I knew if I did a good job that I would get more chances to do this and this is a job I did not want to loose!  I ended up doing her in Standing doggy, missionary on the table and side spoon on the table. I was soooo ready to cum that when it was time I blasted what felt like a never ending shot after shot all over Victoria's pretty face just covering it.  I almost enjoyed this as much as fucking her..almost.  As she squatted there with mug full of my jizz I really couldn't believe that I just did that, since this was also the first time I had ever cum in a girls face, and I never thought a girl this pretty would actually let me do that!  She said "That was a lot of cum" as she cleaned off her face and that actually made me feel proud, that a looser like me could actually do something good!                                           


March 6th I spent last night sleeping on the floor in the hall closet for not posting yesterdays blog even though I had to drive a Princess to Florida and than sleep in the car without any internet access to update the blog with, but I accept all responsibility for my lack of getting the blog done.  The Princesses are always right, no matter what and I will not question anything they say.

Princess Kendall's Ass

March 7th Drove the Princess back to Virginia.  She told me I can sleep in a bed tonight.  She is truly to good to me.  Washed Princess Kendall's car after road trip, I did such a good job she bent over on the couch and let me masturbate while looking at her ass, she made sure I came in less than 5 minutes or else there would be a punishment.

March 8th  Sorry Princess Kendall I am truly worthless for not updating today's blog and accept punishment.  There is no excuse for my lack of ability to update other than the fact that I am lower than microorganisms that eat snail shit.

Weekend off 

March 11th Worked at my job on Saturday and Sunday, I wonder if they know I am SLIME the Masked Pervert sometimes the girls look at me kind of funny?  Made dinner for Princess Kendall, did the dishes going to bed early totally worn out.

March 12th What a time for my computer to do nothing but freeze all day whenever I tried to open a program or internet! Frustration.  I deleted around 50GB of stuff and my computer seems to be working fine now...hopefully that is the end of that problem.

March 13th Today I am excited because there is a brand new Princess visiting next week...I hope she is as hot as all the others and isn't a complete bitch to me! 

Ashley Sinclair  Please friend Ashley on Twitter and tell her you liked watching her fuck SLIME!  Thanks maybe she'll come back!

March 14th I am getting a jump start on Rehashing my first meeting with Princess Ashley Sinclair!  I actually remember it like it as yesterday, and with a girl as hot as Ashley I will remember her for a long long time!  I remember I was told to wait behind these bushes and walk out and rub oil on the girls legs who was standing by the table, and instruct her on what I wanted her to do.  I did not know what to expect after being so lucky to have my way with Victoria last month I figured this girl would be a 50 year old floppy tit Grandma full of stretch marks, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  On my queue I stepped out and saw the back of this petite blond in this sexy sparkly short skirt.  Her legs looked hot and her skin was tan, the skirt was hugging her ass perfectly and barley covering her panties.  The closer I got the faster my heart raced!  This girl was absolutely beautiful, cute yet sexy and did not look to be any older than 23 at most (She was 20) We were face to face and she was so pretty I had to hold her face in my hand for a second to make sure she was for real! I proceeded to reach under her skirt and let my fingers frisk her panties, she turned around and lifted up her skirt and my eyes almost popped out of my head I mean she had the perfect round, tan, young rump that I jerked of over in my dreams hundreds of times and now I was at eye level with it pouring and rubbing oil on it!  I was not sure what kind of shoot we were going to do. But I was certain this hot as babe was not going to let me...I mean a complete stranger, wearing a sick mask dressed in black, just walk up and fuck her that I was certain I mean she was way to pretty to do that! 

March 15th I was going to push it as far as I could I mean unless someone told me to stop I was going to do whatever I could get away with, I don't think I could stop unless I was told to actually I was totally and completely mesmerized by her.  I eased her back onto the table and pulled my cock out of the cut out hole in my pants, I am so glad there is a hole there already because I was so hard my dick probably would have ripped through them anyways. lol I slid my cock under her panties and her smooth shaved pussy felt great as my dick slithered back and forth trapped between her panties and her lips.   She smelled soo good and I wanted to show my appreciation, I pushed her panties to the side and let my long tongue flick her pussy and clit,  she looked up at someone and they must have told her it was ok because she let me continue. I think she actually liked it because she kept looking down to see what I was doing and was making enjoyable faces. Continued

Weekend off 

March 18th  I was informed today that a Princess will be visiting this week and I must make preparations for her arrival.  Princess's comfort, and pleasure is my one and only job.  I understand any pleasure I may receive is only because the Princess is gracious enough to lower herself to my standards if even for a brief moment.  I only hope she isn't a mean Princess.

March 19th I was informed Princess Cara may also visit one day and I am making preparations for her arrival if she decides to grace us with her presence.

March 20th  Ashley Sinclair Continued  I licked her sweet pussy like a stark raven lunatic!  I mean when I watch the video and actually see how much I was enjoying eating her and fingering her hot little box!  Her pussy was wet and she was cooing so I decided to go for it.  I stood up and slapped my dick on her cleanly shaven lips and no objection came so I tried to slide into her but the head of my dick was so enlarged I had trouble fitting it in.  I tried to slide in and her pussy lips literally got pushed inside of her along with my dick, I could feel them pulling on the head of my cock.  I was waiting for my dick to just pop into her but it didn't happen I had to take my bulbous dick head out and reinsert and this time it went in much smoother...It was like paradise. I savored the moment and enjoyed the feeling of her tight young pussy squeezing around my dick, but I remembered I had a job to do and if I wanted to do this again that I would have to make sure I did a good job fucking this hot babe!  So I quickened the pace and started slamming her as hard as I could, I felt like a wrecking ball smashing into her as I held her legs up in the air, her feet bouncing and dangling with every thrust.  She felt so good that I had to take my dick out fearing I was going to cum.  This little doll had me so damn excited I did all I could do to contain my load.  As I stopped for a brief rest from her warmth someone handed me a pole and told me to wedge it in the heels of her shoes and hold her legs up. Thank goodness I had a brief break because her legs looked so damn fine spread open and her pussy was mine and I went balls to the wall I can't believe how hard I was fucking her looking back at the video, it almost didn't seem real at the time it was like an out of body experience seriously. She was moaning and her face showed she was enjoying it and looking at me in disbelief at times after I really rammed her hard.  The camera people circled and dodged in and out getting all kind of angles in the heat of the action.  Someone said suck his dick, which I was all for.  I never had a girl suck my dick after it was in there pussy and I felt so nasty sticking my dick into her pretty face even though it was covered in her pussy juice!  This girl stole my heart, I knew she would never have anything to do with me outside of this moment so I just soaked it in and enjoyed her wonderful mouth and lips wrapped around my shaft.  I asked her to lick my balls and she said "I don't even lick my boyfriends ball."  So I said it's a good thing I'm not your boyfriend.  She smiled and licked my nut sack and stroked my cock in her hand I felt like I was the man!  It got even better when she deep throated me, and I held her head as my dick went deep down her hot mouth.  I was about to pop so I took my dick out because I wanted to feel her pussy once more and I knew I could not take much more of this hot girl.  I wanted to see her perfect ass so I had her turn around and put a leg up on the table so the camera could get a good look at the penetration.  I slid back into her from behind and held onto her ass as I stroked deeply into her her.  It only took me a few minutes and I was ready to blow!  She quickly turned around and squatted in front of me.  I knew exactly where to shoot my cum and blasted a huge nut once again all over this pretty babe.  I could tell she was surprised and knew she really got me off as she smiled as my cum streamed across her face.

March 21st  The expected Princess could not make the trip, spent the day canceling preparations, quite a disappointment.  

A-sexy-princess-Linda-Vojtova.jpg (1310324 bytes) Pic 1 ass_eater.jpg (293701 bytes) Pic 2  jc simpson.jpg (170925 bytes) Pic 3 JC Simpson Masked Pervert BTS.jpg (454766 bytes) Pic 4

March 22nd  Today I have been given permission to masturbate for the first time since March 7th and I have to write about what I masturbate to and the experience.  I have to say I am very excited as I love to masturbate and don't get to do it nearly enough so when I do it is a time I enjoy.  The first thing I am looking at is a google search for sexy princess and didn't come with anything to great the only pic that was interesting to me was of this girl. Pic 1  I liked her natural look cute socks, and princess tiara.  Her cute little butt sticking up gave me a brief fantasy of rubbing my cock up and down on her panty ass and how soft and warm it must feel. Also smelling her socks and having them rub on my balls.  I grew bored with this and started looking for something a little more hardcore. I found this pic in a search and I hope I am lucky enough to have a girl this cute sit on my face exactly like this! Pic 2 The natural body of that girl reminded me of the time I got to shoot with JC Simpson who is just unbelievable.  Here She is in Pic 3 I mean look at her she is not only pretty but she is 5'11, she could easily be a runway model yet here she is fucking a dirty pervert like me! I will rehash our shoot next but here is a photo from the shoot we did I hope you like it. Pic 4

Weekend off 

March 25th Preparing for yet another road trip next week, taking car in for a check up, oil change, tire rotation, and of course the mechanic will find something else that needs to be done as they always do...even on a newer car.  I was reminded over the weekend by my Princess that when people stop buying clips and or joining the website that she will no longer have any use for me other than boring chores around the house, and no new girls Princess to play with me.  So I have added a link to a page where resellers can sign up and post a banner on there website or facebook page and get 50% of all membership fees for as long as that customer stays a member it's easy to do and only takes like 2 minutes.  Sorry for the plug, but I don't want to go back to my old life of toil, and slavery without any pleasure.  Thank you in advance.

March 26th A moment to reflect today about porn.  I recently read an ad by a new porn producer who asked how to deal with the scrutiny of people who do not shoot fetish or adult.  In my opinion adult entertainment is more accepted today than years ago.  It seems like every female celebrity has there own adult video that "leaked out"  from Pam Anderson, and Kim K. to Paris Hilton and it only seems to have enhanced there popularity.  People who look at you funny are either   1. Prudes and people you wouldn't want to be friends with anyways. or  2. Look at it in private and think they are more respectful because they masturbate over porn behind locked doors instead of being alright with who they are and open to letting others enjoy it.  Let's face it porn is one of the few industries that revolves around women.  They are the draw, the desire to see, and they can call the shots when they are sought after by viewers. Naturally the hottest babes are the most popular which may make some other women feel insecure, but that is on them.  Everyone has a talent and being jealous of someone who is pretty is actually pretty childish in my opinion.  Just like being jealous of a smart person, athletic person, no matter what the gift may be can't we all just embrace each others gifts and move on with more important things in life. With that I leave you with a hot girl doing something most want to see but not all will admit to.


March 27th  Getting ready to Travel. Will be offline starting Saturday for 1 week.

March 28th  Here is another pic of JC Simpson the next update.

March 29th  I am all the sudden getting very excited about our trip.  Princess told me to make sure I have have all the video equipment which means at least I will be seeing some pretty girls, at best know.  Wish me luck! I will be back to tell you about our trip when we get back!